A Winter Wonderland Dog Sledding Experience


Dog sledding was organized by him as the highlight of the final day after hanging out at the Geysir and checking out the Mid-Atlantic Ridge earlier.

We drove all the way into the sledding area on our 4×4 vehicle, walked towards the huts where they kept the equipment.

Introducing the dogs

I was under the impression that the main dogs were usually huskies! (I love huskies)

joojourneys_iceland_thingvellir_dog_sledding_huskyThe musher then explained that the greenlandic dogs were much stronger and they can withstand harsher temperatures. Apparently, 6 degree celsius was considered too warm for these dogs.

joojourneys_iceland_thingvellir_greenlandic_dogDressing up

We thought we were well-prepared.

Beanie checked.
Gloves checked.
Scarf checked.
Shades checked.

The staff asked us to add a thermal suit on (modelled by the man). What??

It was a damn good decision. I was so glad I did cause I was mad freezing throughout the sledding!

Ready, Get set, Go!

All wrapped up and ready to go 🙂

joojourneys_iceland_thingvellir_dog_sledding_with_instructorYou can choose to sit with 2 others, or stand with the musher. Standing up is wayyyyyy colder but also kinda more exciting.

There was a mid-way stop, where the humans could have some time with the pups. I was totally mobbed.

The pups love it when you give them a good belly rub.

joojourneys_iceland_thingvellir_dog_sledding_husky_timeSpending time with the dogs was awesome, so was the glorious sunset that greeted us.


Summary of the activity

Cost: $210 per person

Duration: 90mins, includes briefing and dressing up. The real sledding time is around 45 to 60 minutes.

Attire: It’s awfully cold during the sledding even on a sunny March late afternoon, so wear your warmest attire.

Website: http://www.dogsledding.is/

Talk to me on facebook.com/joojourneys or on IG @jooeyjunior 🙂


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