A (damn awesome) week in Iceland

Iceland, famous for her geographical wonders and the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption that took the world by storm in 2010.

Iceland, an island of charm and warm people. A place I may not have ventured into without him 🙂

We decided to give Iceland a week as we arrived in the afternoon on our first day.

It’s slightly insufficient to tour the island in the eyes of many, but not too short such that you can only explore Reykjavík and about.

As this was planned as part of our journey to Amsterdam, we took IcelandAir from Schiphol to Keflavík. There are definitely cheaper flight options from London or Copenhagen which one may consider.

Air ticket cost per person
SIN – AMS – SIN: $570 (mainly just taxes and carrier surcharges as we made a redemption).
AMS – KEF – AMS: $520
Luggage was through-checked from SIN-AMS-KEF so we did not have to pick them up in AMS.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Our trustworthy buddy for the Iceland roadtrip.

Arriving in Keflavík, it started to snow. We were quick to pick up our car, and made our way to the city for a good night’s rest, after close to a day of traveling.

Car Rental
Type: Nissan Qashqai
Comments: Everyone who saw the car said it was a good choice!
Price: $1100 for 8 days, inclusive of GPS unit.
Do note that the driver’s seat is on the left and you don’t have to convert your Singaporean license to drive here.

Topping up the tank: 

Most petrol kiosks close by 10pm (i.e. no cash payment option), so do plan your top-ups where required. We tried to top up the tank around 6am on the day we were returning our car, before catching our early morning flight, but it was impossible as we had no Icelandic credit card, and there was no one manning the kiosk in the morning.

Our road trip map:

We arrived during the late afternoon on day 1 and left early on day 8. This google map is a conservative estimate of the distance we drove. A total of 1,340km over 6 days which is probably lesser than what we actually covered due to road closures and detours. joojourneys_iceland_roadtrip_2015_from_Reykjavík_city

It’s a short drive from the airport to Reykjavík city, about 45 minutes. joojourneys_iceland_roadtrip_Keflavík International Airport_to_Reykjavík_cityThe second day, we left rather early and reached Vellir by 3pm in a storm. We decided to rest for the day, and continue the journey early next day. joojourneys_iceland_roadtrip_day2_Reykjavík_city_to_VellirDay 3 was the most challenging, there was a storm chasing us and we wanted to avoid being caught in it. Instead of stopping at our original night stop, we extended our drive all the way to the East, Seydisfjordur.

As we were there during March, some roads were closed and it took us nearly 8 hours to get to Seydisfjordur. Of course there were a few pit stops on route and  I will share that in my other posts 🙂

Seydisfjordur is sheltered by two mountains, hence it was less affected by the storm. We stayed in Seydisfjordur for two nights instead, and I was glad to have time to recuperate from my cough. joojourneys_iceland_roadtrip_day3_Vellir_to_SeydisfjordurOn day 5, it was a 6 hour drive rom Seydisfjordur to Akureyri, we stopped by Lake Myvatn, Dark Castles & Godafoss.  Godafoss is a beauty! joojourneys_iceland_roadtrip_day5_Seydisfjordur_to_AkureyriThe last part from Akureyri back to Reykjavík on day 6 was a pretty long drive. We were glad to be back in Reykjavík for a good night’s rest before heading out to Thingvellir the next day. joojourneys_iceland_roadtrip_day6_Akureyr_Reykjavík_cityOn day 7, we had a full day to explore Thingvellir National Park, easily the highlight of the trip! joojourneys_iceland_roadtrip_day7_Reykjavík City_Keflavík

Icelandic folks are generally friendly, and it’s important that you check the weather before heading out. Do look out for road closures and storm alerts.

Check back for more of Iceland in the upcoming posts!

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