Mohinga, Samosa Salad and that black fish

We visited Yangon during a rather hot and humid season.

Besides pagodas, railway trip, how can we miss out the cheap beer and street food? joojourneys_yangon_me_and_my_mohinga

First up is the national dish Mohingajoojourneys_yangon_mohinga_national_dish

What: Rice noodles, fish broth
Where to find it: Every other stall by the street
$$: 500 kyats or so (SGD$0.60)

You can’t leave Yangon without trying their national dish Mohinga! We spotted one or two stalls in the train stations while riding around Yangon’s suburbs. Most have this dish during breakfast, but it’s available through the day. joojourneys_yangon_mohinga_stallThe Burmese are very creative with their food, or should I say anything goes! Mohinga is served with different toppings, depending on the cook. I loved the broth, it was light, but flavourful.

Next discovery – the Samosa Salad! joojourneys_yangon_samosa_salad

What: Samosa (fried triangle crispy pastry filled with potatoes), chick peas, beans, tomatoes , cabbage, shallots and lemon juice, top it off with fresh cilantro or mint leaves!
Where: Ours was in the Bogyoke Market
$$: 1000 kyats or so (SGD$1.20)

joojourneys_yangon_samosa_salad_manThis man was just throwing everything in the mixing bowl, and the colours tempted me! Samosa salad or “thoke” is sold along the streets in Yangon, we chanced upon it after our slow rail trip.

Almost everything is diced and mixed, and it’s super refreshing for a hot and humid day. We were eating with the locals and everyone was enjoying their serving of food.

Lastly, the highlight of the trip was the search for that black fish. joojourneys_yangon_blackfish_3


What: That black barbecued fish, Myanmar beer and lots of grilled goodies!
Where: The 19th Street – choose a restaurant that you like
$$: 3500 kyats for the fish (SGD$4.20), 800 kyats (SGD$1.00) or so for beer and about 8000 to 10000 for assorted grilled food for two! joojourneys_yangon_theygetgrilled



Oh, they cut up all the food & fish for the customers, so you don’t have to worry about bones etc.

So if you are looking for an authentic local experience, with some fun and buzz, head down to 19th Street like we did on a Saturday night!

Feast like a queen without hurting your pockets 🙂

And if you are a street food lover, just walk along the streets in the evening, you will be spoilt for choice. I was too full to put any more food into my tummy, but will definitely try if I visit again! joojourneys_yangon_streetfoodjoojourneys_yangon_streetfood_sweetjoojourneys_yangon_pineapple

Pineapples and pomelos were in season 🙂 Juicy & refreshing! joojourneys_yangon_fruits



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