Bathing boxes along the Brighton beach

Bathing boxes?

Well they are actually beach huts which went way back into the late 19th century when Brighton was the destination beach for many Australians.

These iconic colourful bathing boxes are located on Dendy St beach and the stretch of beach was really pretty despite the gloomy weather in July.

Out of the current 82 bathing boxes (ok some sources say 90), 6 were built by Bayside Council, and the many of the rest were passed down through generations.

joojourneys_melbourne_brightonbeach_mint_lavenderGorgeous backdrops for pictures 😉 (above & below) joojourneys_melbourne_brightonbeach_SJHJ_2


Melbourne Brighton beachI’m missing these lovely colourful boxes. Driving along this coastal stretch is therapeutic. joojourneys_melbourne_brightonbeach


Have some fun when the high tide comes in, but do be safe too! joojourneys_melbourne_brightonbeach_high tide


How to get to Dendy St Beach?

It’s a 30-minute drive from Melbourne city 🙂

For more information on the bathing boxes, pls visit this website.

Best time to go

Late afternoon – the most charming part of the day!

If you are a travel addict like me, drop me a note @ 🙂


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