Camera Museum Penang and The Double Exposure Cafe

For the curious photographers (and wannabes), and some crazy paparazzi friends, drop by the Camera Museum if you like retro funky photography-related items along Lebah Muntri.

Things to do include, taking funny photos using the photo props or along the wall mural (which was done by Ernest’s team). joojourneys_penang_pp_2朋友们又开始搞怪了!哈哈!

Admission to ground level exhibition, souvenir shop and the Double Exposure cafe is free. joojourneys_penang_camera_museumjoojourneys_penang_camera_museum_2You can join the guided tour on level two for 20RM (a little steep), or take a break from the heat and chill out at the cafe, which was the preferred option for many visitors. My gang decided to go for the cakes option 😀

The Double Exposure cafe has pretty amazing and affordable cakes (10RM to 15.50RM). joojourneys_penang_rainbowcakeThe rainbow cake served with vanilla ice-cream was one of the best I’ve eaten so far. You can taste the various layers, the spongey velvet cake was pretty moist too. Definitely a delicious looking dessert too. joojourneys_penang_millecrepeThe mille crepe was pretty comforting, but I still love the one from Bloom & Goute in Seoul. joojourneys_penang_chocChocolate cake served with chocolate ice-cream is an easy-to-like dessert.

You can check out the Kungfu girl wall mural, which is just round the corner when you turn right after exiting the museum. joojourneys_penang_girl_from_farAddress: 49 Lebuh Muntri
Opening hours: 0900hrs – 1830hrs

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