More food in Phuket :)




This is predominantly  a food post (with some useful information, I hope).

After checking into their third & final resort for this trip, two hungry couples trooped back to Delicious 24 Hours Thai Food , 3 minutes from Sawaddi Patong Resort, for a proper lunch + dinner.


Delicious 24 Hours Thai Food sounded really cheesy, but it seems like a good mix of locals and tourists drop by for meals.

We had a sumptuous Thai meal to start the day 🙂

Coconut drink for a hot Phuket afternoon, multiple Thai dishes (2 soups, veggies, song tham, pig’s liver etc) which were all comfort food for the hungry souls.







To end the Phuket trip & to celebrate us surviving the stormy boat trip too, we decided to do a glorious seafood dinner and so, we were all out to splurge! 99 Sea Food here we come!


Picking out the lobster for dinner was fun, and slightly challenging because we needed two good ones for 4 of us.


Mo was the pro, and not afraid at all!



Lobster was grilled, juicy & sweet, but slightly expensive (most of the bill went to this).


Grilled prawns were a little  tough and dry, but for grilled items, I guess this was the norm?

joojourneys_Phuket_seafood_grilled prawns

Fish – fried, crunchy, came with awesome chilli sauce.


Enjoying the fish skin!

Squid, springy and tasty, soaked in awesome salted egg gravy, great to go with rice.

joojourneys_Phuket_seafood_salted egg squid

Our high-calorie dinner cost us about 3000 baht, that’s probably about $120 sgd for 4 pax. We ordered about 8 dishes including the lobster, prawns, fish, squid, top shell salad, white wine clams, veggie, fried rice and drinks. Totally overate, but definitely went away with a satisfied tummy.

99 Sea Food
Rat-U-Thit Rd, Patong

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