Phuket Street Food, oh so good |普吉岛小吃



Singaporeans’ national past time is to feast, as a nation of eaters, one of the joy of traveling is definitely to find street food that you don’t get to have often in Singapore.

Street food’s a great way to experience local culture, as well as to eat on a budget too.One of the must-dos for me and I highly encourage everyone to try it out (provided your tummy’s strong enough to stomach the various street food).

An array of grilled snacks attracted us while we strolled along the night market.



Here are my top three snacks:

1. Mango Sticky Rice


We had to stop for this, the mango sticky rice that looked pretty promising. A Thai dessert that we see in Thai restaurants back here in SG, but a common snack in the night markets here in Thailand. The biggest difference is the quality of the mangos, and the size of the serving. No prize for guessing which is yummier 😛



2. Grilled Chicken Skin

Most friends remember me as the health conscious girl (yoga, swimming, fruits etc), but I have this thing for chicken wings and chicken skin. Occasional snacking makes me happy too!

In love with the barbecued chicken skin, it’s sinful, oily but super satisfying. I remember having something similar back in Taiwan.

joojourneys_Phuket_grilled meat and chicken skin_for us

joojourneys_Phuket_grilled squid

3. Mini pineapples

I’m not a fan of pineapples, but anything that’s mini (and looks cute) makes my day. We decided to give this mini pineapple a go, and it was one of my most sought-after snacks for this trip. Juicy, sweet and slightly crunchy, perfect for quenching your thirst in the hot Phuket weather. (Mini pineapples spotted, 3rd from the left)

joojourneys_Phuket_mini pineapples_2

With Mo, we were introduced to the famous Wanton noodles (Chay 4), a soupy bowl of comfort to end off a day of walking and Phuket exploring. Adventurous eaters can spice it up with some fish sauce and cut chilli, just like what the locals do. The franchise stores can appear randomly along the streets of Thailand, most commonly sighted in Bangkok though 🙂



A common sight along the streets of Phuket, you find pancake vendors. Don’t expect the fluffy-till-I-can-die type of pancakes, we are talking about the crunchy-prata-like-pancakes that come in either savoury or sweet options. Sweet ones (chic-banana) are perfect after-dinner-desserts, while savoury ones are before dinner fillers 🙂


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