Revisiting Kata | 旧地重游新惊喜



joojourneys kata beach phuket

I remembered Kata Beach as a peaceful place to be, away from the hustle and bustle of Patong. A revisit last November, totally changed my impression. Kata beach came alive with the high level of energy and the huge groups of tourists.It was still more manageable than the crowd at Patong, so we settled for our sun beds and an afternoon of chill-out started.

joojourneys kata beach phuket sun beds

joojourneys fresh coconut blend
Fresh coconut blend (70 baht)

joojourneys kata sunbeds
Rows and rows of sun beds (400 baht per bed, negotiate for a better price if you are in groups)

joojourneys club med sunbeds
The Club Med sun beds were pretty (only for Club Med guests). Couldn’t resist a few more shots 😛

joojourneys club med kata

joojourneys club med 3

A super agile and obedient dog having a game of fetch with his owners. Affectionate too 🙂

joojourneys dog 2

joojourneys dog jumping

joojourneys dog 4

joojourneys dog 6

Sometimes I wonder if Goofy can be as smart if we train him.

The gradient of Kata beach is so gentle that you can walk out far into the sea without much difficulty. At the other end, you can attempt to surf.

Surfing (150 baht for an hour)

joojourneys surfers

Kata’s pretty great for surfing, but please remember to adhere to the surfers’ right of way. If you are swimming near the surfers, please move away as the waves are huge and sometimes when surfers are washed in, you may get hit.

Para-sailing (1500 baht)



And the highlight of the afternoon was para-sailing (read more in my other post). We started just when the sun’s setting, so we were the last customers for the day and it was simply awesome and breath-taking. Negotiate for a better price if two or more are trying out the activity. Jetski is available too, just that I prefer to fly instead 😛

Spotted this other flying activity earlier in the day but wasn’t too sure what it was. Would definitely try it if I find it next time 🙂


How to get to Kata

20 minutes from Patong, it costs about 400 baht per Tuk Tuk per way.

Coming back to Patong from Kata in the evening may be slightly challenging due to the crazy traffic, so the return trip will cost slightly more, about 500 baht.

joojourneys kata beach phuket sunset

All photos were taken by the Sony NEX cam.

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