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平时,我最常游览的网站就是航空公司或旅店的官方网站,或 / airbnb等住宿预定网站。


A little self-confession here: I love booking air tickets and accommodation. It’s my favourite online shopping!

So usually my favourite websites are the hotel / airline sites, or airbnb.

We had planned to stay 3 nights in Patong in one place, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we visited 3 different accommodations. And possibly one of my best massage experiences in Thailand so far! Read on 🙂

Ella Bed Hotel ($120 per room per night after taxes)

This is one chic hotel. Only ten rooms, and very simplistic type of decor and bedroom layout.

All glass bathroom (for nice and naughty couples :P), TV and fridge.

joojourneys: Ella hotel bed and bathroom

joojourneys: Ella hotel room

The little touches to the the hangout area was retro-chic (loved the sofa), but we didn’t have much time to hang out as we were checking out early next day for our 2D1N Similan tour.


The location of the hotel was rather ideal for those who wanted to be a stone’s throw away from the buzz (the Patong beach, Starbucks, pubs and restaurants). There’s also a cafe, bar and bistro at level one, rooms are from level two to four I believe.

joojourneys: Ella Bar

Busy street, just outside Ella Hotel.

A little word of caution though, as it can be slightly noisy till wee hours of the morning, and well, there’s no lift to the rooms so you’ve got to carry your luggage up the stairs 😛

What was a little disappointing was that, our breakfast for early departure was not prepared, but what made us decided to switch to another place, was that there was no staff to do our check-out that very morning! We had to lock our luggage, leave a note, and pray that all goes well.

Hence, after the night at Sawaddi Patong (knowing that Ella wouldn’t be able to check us in at 5am), we decided to leave Ella Hotel for another resort.

Sawaddi Patong ($123 per room per night after taxes)

This was quite a lovely resort I must say, having arrive at 5am after the most traumatic boat ride, I was glad to have a bed to rest my tired body and soul.

We were given a spacious pool view room at level 3, both the bathroom and bed were comfy.


Loved the breakfast and the attentive staff, can’t blame them cause we only managed to drag ourselves down for breakfast at 10am, after 4 hours of sleep.

joojourneys: Sawadi Patong breakfast

It was one quick breakfast, a mixture of Thai and Western cuisine, and back to bed for an hour. We were kinda disappointed that we couldn’t get the same rooms for the next two days, so we booked another resort.

I would recommend this resort for a group of friends, you can chill out by the pool for drinks or read a book. It’s 5 – 7 minutes away from the main Patong streets. Just awesome 🙂


On a side note, I was too tired to take any pictures of the room but did snap a photo of the lovely flowers at the reception (at 5am), but do check out the website for more photos 🙂

joojourneys Sawadi Patong receptiona

R Mar Resort and Spa ($130 per room per night after taxes)

Our final stay for the trip. Phew. After two rounds of check-ins and check-outs, I was immensely tired and hoped to get a place where we would settle in for the next 2 nights.

We were soon checked-in into two adjoining pool view rooms.


However, there was a strange musky smell, almost felt like someone smoked in there, but it wasn’t exactly so.

And so the boy realised that it was the smell of mouldy wood. Oh man, I was kinda disgusted.

Well, had to try to forget that and we headed out for our meal.

Woke up for a swim the next morning, despite my cough. I loved Monday mornings by the pool.

joojourneys: R Mar Resort and Spa Pool

Breakfast was simple, not spectacular. The french toast was quite tasty though.


joojourneys: R Mar Resort and Spa breakfast 2

On the whole, this was more of a family resort (there was quite a number of Chinese and European family tourists when we checked in).


The best part of this resort was that, a lovely boutique spa was found just outside the main entrance. Puluang @ Thai Massageain’t easy to spot, but if you find it, congrats!

This is one of the best massage services I’ve received in Thailand, from the moment you indicate interest, to the welcome foot soak and massage, till you step into the common space for massage, each customer is escorted by the masseur, and she makes sure that you are well taken care of.

joojourneys: feet spa before massage

After a long day at the beach, the masseur gave me one of the most enjoyable massages in terms of strength and the aching spots. She was careful, and conscious of my reactions. I was really impressed and of course gave a bigger tip than usual 🙂

Puluang @ Thai Massage
Address: 13 Soi Jintatn, Rat-U-Thi 200 Pee Rd., Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150.

Some photos were taken by the Sony NEX 5N camera 🙂

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