Relax or rough-it-out at Rawa

Tried to google what does Rawa represent: Rawa or Rao is a term given to a Minangkabau community living in the Malay Peninsula, now the West Malaysia. It is common for the Rawa to identify themselves as Ughang Rawo or Ughang Rao or even Rao. Relevance, any? Hmmmmm.

Found this instead. Rawaa (a girl’s name) refers to marvelously beautiful, which I think it’s really apt for this island 🙂

If part of your ideal getaway includes a slow morning relaxing by the beach, here’s your breakfast view, from the communal hangout.




There’s actually Rawa cuisine, but I’m not sure if what I had was Rawa cuisine (probably not I deduced).


Most meals are included in the 3D2N package (except the lunch on the first day, but we weren’t expected to be in before noon either). If you need extra meals, lunch is available at 45RM++ for in-house guests.

Juices are from 14RM++ onwards / Hot beverages are from 10RM++ onwards.

Soft drinks are available at 8RM++, whereas 1.5l mineral water is priced at 7RM++. (I would choose to bring my own mineral water in this case :P)

Breakfast is made up of simple toast, coffee or tea, a choice of pancakes or eggs.



Pancakes are actually more crepe-like. As for the coffee, this was a latte that I ordered (10RM++ onwards).



This is how I eat my egg yolk. YUMS!

Photo 17-9-13 13 23 24


It’s usually a choice between chicken, beef, prawns or the Rawa fish, cooked in various methods. If the crowd exceeds 30 pax, you get a buffet line-up that consists of the above, with pasta, potatoes, salad etc.

Photo 17-9-13 13 23 30


This is the Rawa fish. Slightly tough and saltish in my opinion.

Photo 17-9-13 14 14 39

Get yourself a magnum treat (7.20RM, absolutely affordable) from the Safaris Resort next door. Ice-cream makes me happy.

Chill out with a book or play some beach volleyball.


Occasionally, you get Daisy dozing off on the soft sandy beach. Sweet o’ Daisy 🙂

Rough-it-out at Rawa!

For nature lovers, it’s quite a treat I must say.

Given its small size, local transportation is not available on this island. You can walk up and down the beach along the island’s western side within 15 minutes. For sunrise lovers, there is also a steep path leading to the peak of the island which takes 20 to 30 minutes to walk. The other sides of the island consist of inaccessible rocky cliffs, which you may want to take a look on a kayak, if the seas ain’t that choppy.

Snorkeling’s a must.

It’s amazing what you can see within 20m from the shore, so gear up with your life jacket, load on the sunblock cause if you are as fascinated as I am, you will be snorkeling for quite some time out there.


You get loads of clown fish, sea urchin and neon-coloured fishes.

I really regretted not investing in an waterproof case for my camera, feeling stupid because I can’t show you how awesome the sight was.

Kayaking for the adventurous
If the sea is calm you may want to rent a canoe or kayak and paddle around Rawa Island, for a different view of the island, including cliffs and caves on the eastern coast. The eastern coast should be avoided in bad weather as there is no safe harbour on this side of the island and waves and wind may push you towards open sea.


Just off the shore!


two crazy people.


We tried kayaking to the eastern coast of the island, but the late afternoon sea was already too choppy, and it felt unsafe. Took an u-turn to explore the cliffs off the Safaris Resort which was in the opposite direction.


And look what we found 😉


There were beautiful cliffs, sea birds circling the sky and mini crabs running across isolated stones.



Great place to be! (Kayak-ing pictures by SJ)

Am a pretty slow kayak-er so it took me at least 2 hours just to cover the above. Fast or experienced folks probably need less than an hour 🙂


Dead beat by the time we got back to shore, but definitely delighted by the trip out!


My take

An awesome getaway from city live, basic and beautiful.

Expect little from the place, but walked away a happy sun-kissed girl.

Alang Rawa has 10 rooms, each with it’s private bathroom. Cold saline water runs through the showers, so for those who can’t handle cold showers, please note.


If you are enjoying the adventures, visit for more updates or



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