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If you find joy in planning trips, Rawa probably ain’t for you.

It’s an experience of simple island life, waking up to the sound of waves, soft sandy beach, most adorable resident pup daisy, and that blue sea right at your door.

Rawa is a private island, owned by family of the Sultanate of Johor. Voted top ten places by CNN travel for a Malaysia holiday, this is a place frequently patronized by both locals and expatriates for a secluded beach getaway.

There are two resorts on the island, side by side, but the type of accommodation and the cost of staying varies greatly.

If you are a group of friends or a couple looking for a place to have some fun and explore the nature, go for a basic package at Alangs Rawa. Families with kids are advised to stay next door at the Rawa Island Safaris Resort, that has a range of activities and facilities catered for a fuss-free family holiday.

Of course, I took the pretty A-frame stilts house at Alang Rawa for 2 nights in this idyllic location.  


We arrived bright and early at Mersing Port, after a three hour ride from Golden Mile via the Five Stars Coach.

Checked out the Alangs Rawa office which was just 50m away from where we alighted and got on the speedboat (which only had the two of us as passengers, private boat experience!) that sent us to our private island getaway in no time!



Do note that you have to pay another 25 ringgit for the national park conversation and admission fees.


I really liked the bustling vibes of the Mersing Port.


Our “private” ride cause we were so early, and one very happy boy.

Staff from Rawa came out with the steps for us to disembark from the boat. Stepping onto the soft sandy beach woke me up from the long bus ride. Gorgeous beach we landed on.

rawa beach


It was gloomy when we landed, the sea was choppy so we hung around the communal space, where groups of party-makers were ready to leave the island in no time.


The communal space where we hung out, and took our meals.


A corner for reads.


Pirates only 😛


We took our time, took a walk and lazed around till our house for the next two days was ready.


Simple bed and bathroom. Nothing fancy.


View from our balcony, priceless.


The swing in front of our house.


The Rawa swing

jump again!

Leap of joy!  



Resident pup Daisy loves baths 🙂


Hanging out with Daisy, the resident pup of Alang Rawa.


I didn’t get a chance to see the sunrise, though I probably would like to, some day when I revisit this place. The folks who went, were pretty delighted to get a view of the cliffs on the other side of the island.

The sunset however, started pretty normal, at 6pm-ish.

Rawa sunset, the beginning

I ran out  at 7pm, mesmerised. Sunset for the romantics 🙂


Sunset photos from SJ

My take

Try to avoid staying over on a Saturday, unless you are keen to party with the rest. For a quiet escapade, I personally prefer Sunday to Tuesday. Alang Rawa operates mostly during April to October only (peak season), while the Safaris Resort operates whole year round. During the non-peak period, the beach portion at Alang Rawa is renewed with soft white sand, which doesn’t happen at the neighboring resort due to it’s operations, so you get a lovelier beach at Alang’s 🙂

Paid 702RM per pax for Sun – Tues (3D2N full board package, which includes dinner from the day of arrival till lunch on the day of departure). Conservation fees (25 RM) and bus journey (60 SGD for round trip) were not included in that amount though.

More on food and activities in the upcoming post 🙂
Do note that the beach pictures were taken on different days, different time of the day.


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More beach action!


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