Fa-sea-nated in Busan


On a stormy gloomy Sunday in Seoul, I was stranded at Haeundae beach, disappointed that I was not able to get a nice view of one of the most happening beaches in Korea. Well, there’s always the plan B, I dodged indoors to take a tour of the Busan Aquarium instead.


My last visit to an aquarium-like place was probably the Underwater World in Singapore, Sentosa, many years ago. I had no idea what aquariums could offer in current time, so hey why not?

With my KTX rail pass, I had a 10% discount on the entrance tix (18,000 won after the rebate), but it did not come with the glass bottom boat ride (6,000 won) which you can purchase within the aquarium. If you have already decided that you would want to take the boat ride, you can purchase the package deal which gives you both the above and it’s about 24,000 won which is actually quite worth it.

It was a Sunday, as expected, the aquarium was filled with families and tourists. You are greeted by piranhas once you step in, which is kinda funny.


You have been warned

And you reach the kids’ haven, where you get to pick up starfish, sea pineapple (which has a foul taste when eaten as sashimi) and other non-poisonous sea creatures. I, joined in the fun too 🙂

This is the sea pineapple.

hello starfish

I love watching jellyfishes, amazing ballerinas in the ocean.

Sea Nettle

Moon Jellyfish

Upside-down Jellyfish

Egg yolk Jellyfish

Decided to take the glass bottom boat ride which is a 20 minutes affair, for a top down view of the aquarium’s main tank. It’s pretty exciting to watch the stingrays, sharks and gigantic turtles lurking beneath you. However, the tour was conducted in Korean, and I couldn’t understand any part of it. Nevertheless, I was still fascinated.


This is the glass bottom boat, and you have been warned not to start swimming if you fall into the water.

spying on that gigantic turtle

caught a glimpse of the sharkie at the side of the boat

you are given some fish feed as part of the tour

After the tour, you can continue to walk around the aquarium, where mini and beautiful sea creatures of all shapes and sizes can be found.

mini prawn

hey red eyes



They look like branches sticking out from the sand, but don’t be fooled. these are sea garden eels.


Long legged monsters of the sea! (I prefer to eat them though, those legs seem yummy!)


The main tank was beautiful. It was therapeutic to sit and watch the graceful sharks swimming amidst schools of fishes.



My take

It took me less than 2 hours to complete the walk. The shows (conducted in Korean) were very popular for families and tourists.

1411-4 Jung1-dong Haeundaegu

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