I ate an ugly Dutch Baby

On my final day in Seoul, I wanted a good brunch. After all, this was the end of my second trip to kimchi land and I’m not sure when I will be coming back to Seoul.

Basically my idea of a good brunch in Korea is still somewhat a Western-inspired one.

Happen to read about The Original Pancake House opening it’s first branch in Asia, right here in Seoul, so it was the natural choice for my last meal in Seoul.


Was the first customer for that morning, yeah!

Got a seat by the window, so that I can sip my coffee as I watch the drizzle and the people passing by.




The interior was simple, clean & beautiful, rather bright and cheery.


An extensive menu of pancakes, spoilt for choice once again.

Dutch baby caught my eye (to be fair, I saw it on the banner at the door and it was kinda ugly looking, so I just had to eat it). Wanted something savory, again. Am not a big fan of bacon, so scrambled eggs on the side were my choice.

Joo junk (some random facts from Wikipedia)

A Dutch baby pancake, sometimes called a German pancake, a Bismarck, or a Dutch puff, is a sweet popover that is normally served for breakfast.

Made with eggs, flour, sugar and milk; served with powdered sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice

The Dutch Baby was originally served as three small Dutch babies but eventually the “Big Dutch Baby” was invented and gained popularity. The Big Dutch Baby is usually what is referred to when reading about Dutch babies.


Was totally blown away by the (size of) Dutch Baby when it arrived. It’s about 2.5 times the size of my palm!

Some friends commented that it looked like prata. (huge fluffy prata it is then).

Dutch Baby at 16,000 won; scrambled eggs at 3,000 won; ice latte at 6,500 won

This big-ass-ugly-pancake had 3 sides – lemon, butter & sugar icing. The waitress who served helped to squeezeeeeeeeee the lemon & spread some butter within the crater, followed by a sprinkle of sugar icing. Woohoo!


So you can imagine the taste – a dash of sour, followed by a tinge of sweetness with smooth buttery feel, coupled with the crispy lovely layer on the outside and moist interior, it was really interesting! The sheer size of it was just crazy though (at least for me) so I would recommend to share this baby with some friends if you could.

One happy girl

My Take
Come with a few friends so try out the extensive menu of pancakes. It’s gonna be fun!

I really really like pancakes 🙂 whee~~

523-20 Sinsa-dong
Nearest train station: Sinsa, exit 8
It’s near Garosu-gil too 🙂

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