And I found my Jiyūgaoka (in Seoul) || 心暖、胃暖的星期天

I love cafes, coffee and cakes.

Seoul’s the perfect place for cafe hoppers like me as it’s littered with both chain and indie cafes.

Finding Jiyugaoka (Jiyūgaoka is one of my fave places in Tokyo too~~) in Seoul, was a blessing on a dreary Sunday morning.



从安国站(Anguk Station)出发,我走到了Yunposun街的尽头。

终于找到了我的Jiyugaoka, 想尝一尝handmade cakes。




It was pretty peaceful when I got in, a table of two friends were having their coffee.

Sat down at a corner and watched the world go by.



Close up on the lights


I was there for Strawberry Shortcake, but apparently it’s seasonal, hence I got the staff to recommend :)

Although the lady had a little trouble with speaking English, she tried her best and here’s what I ordered.

Mille cake at 7000 won, latte at 5000 won

The Mille cake was light, fluffy and comforting. Melted in my mouth, and went well with the swirls of caramel at the side. Lovely 🙂



It got a little busier after church service ended (there was a church nearby I think). A group of ladies came in for coffee. Another family of three came in for cakes. The little corner cafe filled up quickly as there are probably less than 20 seats in the place .

Insadong’s nearby, so it’s a nice spot to stop by for a break. I love the atmosphere :)


Yunposun-gil 46
Walk down from exit 1 from Anguk station.


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