Awe-gasmic firsts in Boracay || 长滩岛 High翻天

Joo in Awe



In the previous post, you have seen how awe-gasmic the views are in Boracay, although I do agree that the idea of just chilling and doing nothing can be pretty awesome, but beach vacations can’t be fun without some turn-ons!

The post brings you the best of an action-packed Boracay vacation, where I share my top three turn-ons (one from each day coincidentally) and other activities (classified into out at sea, on land and when night falls) that you can experience at Boracay.

Helmet diving – a great experience for non-divers!

A first for me in Boracay! I’ve always wanted to try diving, but never got down to learning it.

With the clear crystal-like waters, it’s not hard to imagine swimming alongside fishes and getting upclose and personal with the marine life.

Harloe Sea! (Photo by Valyn)

瑜与鱼,水中游。(Photo by Karen)

Super happy me  (
Photo by Valyn)

With Clara aka dblchin
(Photo by Valyn)

We were curious, how is it that the water doesn’t seep into the helmet when we are walking on the sea bed. Well, it doesn’t’!

The helmet worn has an attached air cord linked to an air compressor and filtering system on the surface apparently. You get to breathe normally under water, but do bear in mind there’s still water pressure so make sure your ears can take the pressure.

For just 800 pesos (subjected to changes without prior notice), you can have your very own magical experience.

Cliff diving – take the leap of faith

When I looked through the itinerary, cliff diving (about 1500 pesos, subjected to changes without prior notice) definitely caught my eye.

Having tried skydiving earlier this year, I thought cliff diving would be of a similar fear factor but I was so wrong!

I tried tandem skydiving, but for cliff diving, you walk out ALONE.

Muster all that courage, swallow your saliva, pinch your nose and KEEP YOUR LEGS STRAIGHT when you jump!
(the last part is really very important if you want to avoid bruises).

Braving the waves, and the fear. Joo jumped from the 8m plank (the rest did the 5m challenge)!


Pls pardon the shaky video as the water was choppy!

ATV – ride of your lifetime

Another first. I’m loving Boracay!

帅气骑士 (Photo by Valyn)

Loving the ride, though I’m really not the best driver in town.

We went up to Mount Loho, and saw a magnificent (but cloudy) sunset, which was a nice-almost-ending-touch to the brilliant weather we had for the first two days.


Go ATV-ing with a group of 2 or more for just 800 pesos per pax, it’s lotsa fun for friends or couples to explore the area (price subjected to changes without prior notice).

There are activities for everyone in Boracay!

I’ve listed a few others below, and do note that the prices per pax (unless otherwise stated) are for reference only and subjected to changes or your negotiation with the vendor. 1 sgd exchanges for 31 to 33 pesos, depending on the money changer!

Out at sea

Paraw sail cruising (1500 pesos / paraw, good for 6 to 7 pax)





Banana boat (250 pesos)

Seven babes on a banana boat = loads of fun & laughter!



All photos from
Valyn’s cam!


I’ve snorkeled in various countries, but Boracay’s experience is currently the most mesmerizing.


All geared up and ready to snorkel

Awesome skies and sea

On land

Segway (starting from 800 pesos for 30 mins)


Clara’s on the horse while I’m on the segway! (Photo by Karen)

Horse riding (700 pesos for 60 mins)

I didn’t ride the horse coz we were a little short of time, but hey I had fun posing with this handsome dude!



Zipline (700 pesos)

This is one nice way to say hi to the great views when we did it at the Fairways and Bluewater resort. 


(Zipline photos by

When night falls

Amazing Show (Pls contact the organizers at for ticketing)

There are many post-dinner activities in Boracay such as shopping (which I will cover in the upcoming episode!), but you can enjoy a beer while watch an entertaining multicultural dance performance too! Audience get to interact with the Boracay beauties too.


Audience participation: Bloggers William and Karen are up!



Pictures with the Boracay Beauties!

With an array of activities that you can enjoy day & night, out at sea & on land in Boracay, here’s just one of another reasons why you should head out to PARADISE on the next Tigerair flight available! GO GO GO!


This trip is generously hosted by Tigerair, Philippines Department of Tourism &, all opinions are my own.


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