A little warmth in Jeju


An almost cloudless sky in autumn’s Jeju, brilliant ain’t it? And good morning Monday :)

I vividly remember our first afternoon in Jeju was particularly meaningful.

We checked into our guesthouse and was checking out some stuff on the computer in the pantry, where we met this middle-age man (referred to as uncle in the following story).

Not knowing why he was there, we went ahead with our conversation and some planning, before we decided to head out.

Perhaps the sense of familiarity overcame shyness, the uncle spoke to us in Mandarin. And so, we found out that he’s from Malaysia, and the rest of his tour buddies have left Jeju this morning while he’s waiting for his son (a dentist visiting Jeju) to be done with his business conference before they leave Jeju together.

A little lonely, we guessed, as we had some random conversations with the uncle.

We left the pantry, picked up stuff from our room and was all ready to leave for our first sight-seeing afternoon. As we passed the guesthouse lobby, we bumped into the owners of the guesthouse, had a little chat and saw that the uncle was again there.


At that moment, both of us had the same thoughts – since our car could definitely afford to take one more passenger, let’s invite the uncle along if he doesn’t mind!

I guess we weren’t really wary of the uncle (he could be really weird, and the 2 of us were girls…), the clear and awesome weather in Jeju probably made us more hospitable too!

And so, three of us set off to the O’sulloc Tea Museum :)


The museum was about 45 minutes away from where we stayed. We chose this place so that we could send the uncle back in time to meet his son once he was done with his work.

There’s a little cafe in the building, where you could try soft serve or beverages made with tea (of course.)


We had one each, and treated our new friend too :)

Three of us, on top of the museum.

monster tea cup

We hung out at the museum for around 2 hours, walked around the fields under the cloudless blue sky and brilliant sunshine, with random conversations about life with the uncle. A simple, laid back afternoon after a super early morning flight (which was also the cheapest, rem I travel on a small budget!) was definitely god-sent.

I hope Mr Malaysia uncle had a good time, or rather wasn’t too bored hanging out with us girls.

It was pretty awesome that our first afternoon in Jeju, we made someone’s day better :) Cheers!



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