Up up and away! Hot air ballooning in OZ

How do you actually get to spot the moon, catch the sun peeping through the mountains with a rainbow all within a flight?

I did, on a hot air balloon flight at Gold Coast just over the recent Vesak day long weekend :)

Around 445am, we set off from Surfers Paradise and drove towards Canungra Tourist Information Centre, about 30 minutes away to meet up with the team of visitors going for the hot air balloon flight too.

Upon meeting the team, we parked and took a bus transfer to the flight ground. Most pilots prefer to fly either just after dawn or just before dusk, since these times offer cooler air and the calmest and most favorable wind conditions for hot air ballooning

After a short but comprehensive briefing, we were ready to board for our very first hot air balloon flight!

The pilot was getting ready


Pilot in action, close-up.


It wasn’t too long before we were up in the air and floating over the hinterlands!

Awesome sunrise from afar

According to the pilot, we traveled at 20 knots an hour at our peak (that’s pretty fast as normally it’s under 10!). It was a calm morning, so it was a pretty awesome taking in the views of the surroundings in the cool morning air.

Hello Moon
Spotted the moon

And Mr. Rainbow!

Amazing huh? I really thought so :)

That’s our shadow

It was a pretty short ride, ending around 30 minutes and there was another mission waiting for us!


The team helped to keep the balloon. It was really not easy, and required the effort of everyone.  And we (or most of the guys) were rather efficient!



The big balloon is now packed into a ball, ready to be transported back. We too, took a ride back to our bus and were all ready for breakfast!



Back at Canungra , we were greeted with our champagne breakfast at the O’Reillys Vineyard.


The mushrooms and croissant were deliciousssssssss!

A panoramic view of the vineyard

Goofing around after breakfast :)

Hi Elvis

My Take

The whole hot air balloon experience cost 250 AUD per pax. Overall a pleasant experience and it was always an activity that I’ve wanted to try. And this package that we have chosen is one of the most popular / value-for-money options in Gold Coast.



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