Skydive高空跳伞 自由落体的快感


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kinda experience. Do it while you still have the guts or watch others have fun.

Sky dive is rather common in some areas of New Zealand, such as Queenstown, Lake Wanaka and Franz Josef. However, you require stable light winds or ideally little clouds for the act.

We were third time lucky in Franz Josef (after getting cancelled twice in Queenstown), and glad that we were diving above snow capped Southern Alps. How cool was that?




幸好,在弗朗茨•约瑟夫 (Franz Josef)的第三天早晨,我们如愿了。我们便乘车前往跳伞基地,开始为第一次的跳伞做准备!


We drove to the dive site and met my instructor Chris, who has done more than 3000 dives.

After changing into the suit, Chris went through the dive procedure with me. Apparently you had to curl your legs upwards and inwards (imagine a banana) when you first jump out of the plane for your 45 seconds of free fall experience.

There were three of us jumping, each with a cameraman, so 10 of us crammed into a small plane. I was the first to jump (OMG again) so I sat beside the plane door, what an awesome way to start the morning!



Chris and the cameraman kept me updated about our altitude while we sat and chat, and looked at the breathtakingly beautiful Mount Cook and glacier. It took about 15 minutes to reach 12000 ft, and I was all ready to dive.

The door opened, my cameraman moved swiftly and hang onto the strut of the wing (just like Spiderman!). Chris and I shifted, with my legs hanging out of the plane. We rocked forward, back and there we were out!






My cheeks felt really cold due to the rapid acceleration during free fall. The videographer whizzed in close, around us, and we said hi to the camera 🙂

When the parachute went out, we finally had time to chill (yes chill), chat and enjoy the view. Had fun playing with the parachute too!

Landing was smooth and easy, I had to raise my legs and land on the butt.




Ecstatic. The only appropriate word to describe how I felt after I stood up from the grass.



For about 500NZD, we did a 12,000ft jump, together with the instructor, as well as our personal photographer / videographer 🙂

Our sky dive experienced was booked at Franz Josef. You can visit their website for more details too.




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