Hidden Gems in Jeju | 寻找济州岛秘密基地

Jeju Island, also known as the “Island of the Gods”, is blessed with natural attractions such as Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (Sunrise Peak), Manjanggul Cave, (the longest lava tube in the world), Mount Hallasan (the highest mountain in South Korea) etc.

Many of these famous spots are well visited by tourists, and our guesthouse owner was nice enough to tell us their little secret chill out spot near Podo Hotel, a thirty minute drive away from where we stayed (Tae Gong Gak Inn & Guesthouse). And here are the hidden jems!


我们下榻的民宿位于济州岛南部的西归浦区(Seogwipo),民宿主人知道我们喜欢chill out,就介绍了他们的秘密基地,请我们务必去走一趟。

Bangju Church 2

Designed by famous Korean-Japanese architect Itami Jun (1937 – 2011) in 2007 and completed in 2009, Bangju Church (Address: 427 Sangcheon-ri, Andeok-myeon, Sogwipo, Jeju island) was given the name “Church of the Sky” for its location overlooking the southern coast and Mount Sanbang.

从民宿出发,开车大约三十分钟,我们抵达了地图上没注明的方舟敎堂 (Bangju Church)。


方舟敎堂,顾名思义,建筑外形像诺亚方舟,是已故建筑大师伊丹潤(Itami Jun)2007年开始策划设计,2009年完成的作品。

Bangju church 2 side

Resembling the Noah’s Ark, the church stands silently within a rural landscape and is surrounded by a tranquil pool, traversed by stone walkways. Itami Jun was known for incorporating Korean traditional aesthetics into contemporary designs which existed in harmony with the natural surroundings. Podo Hotel was also designed by Itami Jun, then the master architect of the government-sponsored Jeju Gobal Education City project.






Directly opposite Bangju Church sits Olive Cafe, an antique coffee mill gallery which serves drip coffee. Over 30 types of antique coffee mills are displayed in the cafe, most of which were part of the owner’s collection.

坐落于方舟敎堂一旁的Olive Cafe,是咖啡座与古董咖啡磨艺廊的结合体。艺廊里不时会展出艺术作品,单单参观里头超过三十台古董咖啡磨,闻着飘在空气中那浓郁的咖啡香,已经是一大享受。


Olive Cafe exterior

Olive cafe interior

antique coffee machines

The owner of the cafe was surprised by the visit of two Singaporean girls on a weekday in Jeju, and she offered us a traditional Korean cake for tasting, a very kind gesture indeed.

我们点了芝士蛋糕与热可可,而热情的主人也送上了传统韩国糕点让我们品尝,真是让我们受宠若惊!糕点里有类似绿豆沙的馅料,甜而不腻,外皮口感Q,有点像中式的红龟粿(Ang Ku Kueh)。

Korea cake
The cake was filled with bean paste which reminded us of our traditional Chinese sweet cakes.

Ordered our favourite cheesecake too :)

Alfresco seats outside the cafe


We spent about 3 hours here, immersing ourselves in the afternoon sun and enjoying the peace in the cool weather, easily one of the most awesome afternoons in the past 10 years of travel.



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