Farewell Sydney Monorail

30 June 2013 marks the end of Sydney’s monorail services. For 25 years, the monorail has served as a quick and convenient way to visit the main attractions within Sydney city, picking up passengers at intervals of 3 to 5 minutes.

踏入悉尼市中心,不难注意到悉尼上空着的“小列车”,贴着“Farewell Sydney Monorail”的标语。到过悉尼的人,不少都曾见过它,或乘列车从空中俯瞰这座城市。



The monorail network is a 20 minute circuit loop that links the city’s major shopping spots, hotels with the Darling Harbour as well as the Chinatown.



Here’s the monorail map which shows the list of attractions at each stop, as well as the network.

Monorail map

Purchase a day pass at 9.80AUD and get unlimited rides on the monorail. Station hop during the peak hours where roads are usually congested and monorail rides are such a pleasure to do.

当局增设了一日优惠卡, 搭客以9.80澳币就能无限次数乘搭列车游悉尼市中心。


Drop at Paddy’s Market stop, visit Chinatown and it’s precinct.


Shopaholics must visit factory outlets by Supre, Dotti, Cotton On, Oroton etc within the second level of Market City.

喜欢澳洲服饰品牌的朋友门,到维多利亚女皇大厦购物长廊或Market City二楼的factory outlets (Supre, Dotti, Cotton On, Oroton 等) 血拼一番是一定要的。

Market City

Grab some souvenirs or local specialties such as Macadamia nuts at the Paddy’s Market within Market City. I was truly surprised by the loads of fresh fruits for sale too!

到Market City里的Paddy’s Market, 可以停一停,看看市场里琳琅满目的纪念品与澳洲特产夏威夷果仁. 附近的唐人街,也是游客必经之处。



Drop by Darling Harbour in the evening and chill with the seagulls. Enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant and the sun sets behind the Australia National Maritime Museum.



My thoughts

For 9.80 AUD, I was a happy day pass holder, station hopping to places that I would have to walk 20 – 30 minutes to. This was after a day of hiking at the Blue Mountains and I was glad to see the city center via the monorail.

Friends who are visiting Sydney before the end of June, catch a piece of history before it’s gone for good! Souvenirs can be bought at most monorail stations. For more information, please visit the official website http://www.monorail.com.au.


A part of this article, in Chinese, was published in My Paper on 19 June 2013.



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