The land of the long white clouds | 长云之乡

What’s a good and free activity to do in New Zealand?

Observe the brilliant cloud formations!

Our road trip in New Zealand lasted 14 days, so we were on the road half the time and if the days were brilliant, we were out and about taking pictures on the highway and at random stopovers.

Lake Tekapo
Sparse wispy clouds, noon at Lake Tekapo

Near Lake Tekapo evening
same evening near Lake Tekapo

otw to Dunedin
The Māori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa (often translated as “land of the long white cloud”).

evening at invercargill
Overcast in Invercargill

Along the mountains

Hiking in Fjordland National Park

artistically awesome

queenstown to franz josef
On route from Queenstown to Franz Josef

evening at Franz Josef
With a dash of colours @ Franz Josef

It’s amazing, truly, what Mother Nature gives us and yet many do not have time to just stop and take a look. Have a great week ahead folks!



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