My Michelin Bun | 遇上米其林一颗星叉烧包


It’s definitely worth the wait.


Pretty intrigued when my friend asked if I wanted to try out a dim sum place which was rated one Michelin star for dinner?

We were denied entry at the door of Tim Ho Wan (as the eatery was running on a full house), this really stirred up my curiosity.

Michelin awards 0-3 stars on the basis of anonymous inspections by reviewers. The reviewers are supposed to concentrate on the quality, mastery of technique, personality and consistency of the food, not on interior décor, table setting, or service quality.

So apparently, the freshly prepared dim sum and an extraordinary char siew pau (minced pork bun) earned Tim Ho Wan their star!

So what’s so great about this char siew pau that cost HKD 12 (approx SGD 2.50)?



米其林一颗星(1-star Michelin)”添好運”(Tim Ho Wan)的叉烧包,有“平民化”定级美食的美誉(HKD12),吃起来是什么味道呢?

(p.s. 一颗星★:是“值得”去造访的餐厅,是同类饮食风格中特别优秀的餐厅)







You’ve got to wait for your char siew paus cause they take about 10 to 15 minutes to be served after you are seated. They fried the char siew pau!


The eatery sits less than 30 pax. If you wish to dine in at dinner time, get a number and report again after 45 minutes or an hour or so.



一堆的采访。Articles galore.

My Take
An interesting place to have your favourite dim sum. Will revisit.

Address / 地址: 旺角广华街2-20号翠园大楼2期地下8号铺
Recommended 推荐:Mala Cake马来糕/Carrot Cake 萝卜糕/Shrimp Dumpling 虾角


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex says:

    Going HK in a week’s time, will visit, thanks for blogging. But will do take-away, haha!

    1. jooeyjunior says:

      hehe, good idea!
      I liked dining-in though cause it was an interesting experience.
      enjoy HK! go to Tai O if you have time to spare 🙂

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