I would love to have these pancakes again

Salmon & avocado pancakes @ my 2nd visit to J.S Pancake Cafe

Basically, pancakes fascinate me as I’m not a big fan of rice. Hence, I’m always looking for alternatives, be it noodles / bread / crepes / pizza / pasta.

And my bro introduced this really sweet pancake cafe – J.S Pancake Cafe, tucked away on the level 3 of a apparels studio (Journal Standard) in Jiyugakao. Heaven we found and I’m sharing this little secret of mine with all you guys!
my safe bet on my 1st visit: sausage & scrambled eggs with pancakes

Looks like hot cakes breakfast? It’s far better than that! The vegetables (onion & capsicum) were baked to perfection, juicy & sweet, I swear I ate most of it even though I wasn’t a big fan of them.


Scrambled egg + sausage + pancakes :) You can’t go wrong, can you? I loved how the colours made my blues go away.

On my 2nd visit, I took the liberty to ask for honey. It was definitely a good move!

super yums

And this time, I ordered organic ice tea :) which didn’t torture my taste buds like the grapefruit juice that I adventurously tried on my 1st visit did.
Oh by the way, a lunch set (pancakes with a drink) cost about 15 SGD (1000 yen or so), which in my opinion, is value for money as compared to certain places in SG.


just open, like 11-am-ish

You would love the nice, bright, airy & lovely atmosphere coupled with the most courteous service you can get. 

the lunch crowd, young mums & ladies’ fave haunt.

female chefs at work. rare sight.

sit by the window & catch a glimpse of the Jiyugaoka streets | trees, sunshine, happy ppl

while waiting for my pancakes…


pancakes for takeaway

My Take

Nice little heaven for brunch or tea on a leisurely day, regardless of rain or shine. I secretly hope that some cafe like that would land in SG, but definitely I would prefer polite Japanese service staff to ermz, random “international” service staff commonly seen in SG.

Ask for lunch / dinner set menus, they can save you quite a bit.

A definite-must-visit-place when I return to Tokyo next time :) I miss JS pancakes alr!!

東京都目黒区自由が丘1-8-7 3F
Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Jiyugaoka 1-8-7 Level 3.

Short walk from the Jiyugaoka subway station :)


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