French food in Tokyo – Talkback Bistro

Look out for the yummiest garlic bread in the post below :)


My Japanese friend recommended Kichijoji (吉祥寺), a neighbourhood near Mitaka, for a walk before I proceed to Ghibli Museum. I explored a little around the station, wanting to find a shrine but instead found myself @ a shopping street called Nakamichi.

This street is filled with a variety of unique shops.


your alternative frog prince

Hungry as I was, I decided to venture into this French bistro – Talkback Bistro for my lunch :)

Apparently this place is a favourite for the local diners and was founded by Masayuki Sugai & 3 partners way back since 1987.


The place was packed with mostly ladies.


Was memorized by the little decors ard the place :)



Most should know, food in Japan is not exactly cheap, hence it’s always wise to choose a lunch/dinner set when you can :)

The 6-course lunch set @ Talk Back was the most money-for-value meal I had in Tokyo. I was served a mini salad, followed by the cold carrot cream soup below. The cream soup was perfect for the hot & humid weather on that day!


this is a freshly grilled garlic bread littered with chopped walnuts :) prepared by the cutest chef (see below)


Basically I can’t read Japanese for nuts. Hence, ordering food from a Japanese menu is totally IMPOSSIBLE. But a very kind waiter used the most limited English translations to let me know what’s on the menu for set lunch. He only managed “pasta” & “shrimp”, so I took it up!

And tada, here’s my main course :) Aglio olio pasta with prawns!

happy food, happy colours

the final courses were ice coffee & orange sorbet. Orange sorbet really made my day :)

And all these, for 900 yen ONLY!

My take

How delighted I was! VERY. Can’t believe my luck after I walked into the bistro :)

The bistro has good reviews. You may consider trying it if you visit Tokyo next time!

Talk Back Bistro (0422-21-0275) is located five minutes from Kichijoji station. They are open for lunch from 12:00-14:00 and for dinner from 17:00-23:00.


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