Yokohama Chinatown 唐人街一游

My Yokohama walking tour destination is Yokohama’s Chinatown, one of the largest in Asia and in the world.

世界上最大的唐人街之一就在横滨的中華街 (yokohama chūkagai)

Mazu temple (天后宫) is a signature temple in most places where Chinese residents reside.


no matter where you go… u find variations of the adaptations of the well wishes hung in the temples.

the typical chinese-building-look

The Kanteibyo (关帝庙) was constructed in 1873 by Chinese residents and it is dedicated to the Chinese god of good business and prosperity.

You get lotsa shops selling the Chinese goods.

But the most memorable “sight” was this Hello Kitty dressed as a panda! I’ve never been a fan of Hello Kitty, but this really got me :)


happy but really tired after walking for sooooooooooo long.

Hello Kitty’s friend! Fortune Kitty :)

how popular is hello kitty? even Waseda Uni has their own Hello Kitty toy! (saw this when I went to Waseda Uni)

Basically Yokohama is a rather quiet city on a weekday and it’s definitely good for strolls, picnics and taking a day off from people-packed Tokyo!

For more info on Yokohama Chinatown, click here :)


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