I met the girl with red shoes

I really didn’t do too much research before going to Yokohama, but following the route from the Red Brick Warehouse, with destination Chinatown in mind, I should walk past Yamashita Park.


Lawson is the 2nd biggest convenience store chain after 7-11 in Japan. I like this Lawson cause it has a play area for kids! How sweet :)

Many chilling out @ Yamashita Park on a weekday afternoon

The park is also home to famous statue of “The Little Girl with Red Shoes On.”  It randomly reminds me of a popular Chinese oldie called 红鞋女孩 by 徐乃麟.

Here’s the statue.


This statue represents the subject of a song that is one of the most famous songs in Japan and is associated specifically with Yokohama. The song is called “Akai Kutsu” (“Red Shoes”):

A little girl nice in her pretty red shoes
Has gone far away, taken by a foreigner (American).

From the port of Yokohama, over the waves,
She has gone with him to his home.

I wonder if she is happy and has nice days.
I wonder if her eyes are blue like a foreigner’s.

I remember her when I see pretty red shoes.
I wonder how she is when I meet a foreigner.


If you visit the souvenir shops around the area, you may find many Little-girl-with-red-shoes inspired items :)


Strolling down the park, you may find yourself looking @ another statue which apparently is the Guardian of Water, presented by the people of San Diego in 1960. I’m not too sure of the story behind this though but perhaps the fact that Yokohama’s a port, they need a guardian for the waters :P


The Yamashita Park is a nice place to spend your afternoon reading a book, looking @ the port or maybe have a picnic :) Do drop by if you are in Tokyo!


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